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Hi All,


Newbie here, so no idea on what happens when we come out of the pool and how much time we have to get ready for bike ride?




male Jerry Apetino at 18:39:40 on 19/03/2012

Hi JA,


When you get out of the pool you have as much time as you like to get ready, but, remember this counts to your overall time. 


Normally people swim in clothing that they can then cycle and run in. You get out of the pool and prepare to get on your bike in the transition area.


I hope this helps.





male Jody Foy at 10:13:18 on 21/03/2012

Hi Jody,

you mean using one of those bib shorts?

NOTE: I think the date for the Osprey tri should be changed to 6th



male Jerry Apetino at 17:23:56 on 10/04/2012

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